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30 December 2006 @ 10:23 pm
Billy and Rachel: AU fic  
Title: Billy and Rachel, the way it didn't go!
Author(s): msilverstar and unstealthy
Pairing: Billy Boyd/Rachel Weisz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A while back just for fun we started playing an alternative version of our in-game Rachel/Billy storyline, in which they met in the same way but Billy is an Est member and they're both a bit kinkier than in game (rather a lot kinkier in Billy's case!). We may or may not post more of this. In this log, it's a few weeks after they first met in spring 2005, Billy is still on his shoot in Luxembourg and Rachel goes over to see him...
Disclaimer: Despite the fact that both Rachel Weisz and Billy Boyd became parents for the first time this year, it was obviously not with each other. In other words, this is all a pack of lies and has nothing to do with reality. But I hope you can enjoy it all the same.


The usual Establishment service is in evidence, chauffeuring Rachel from the airport and taking care of her overnight bag. Billy meets her at the entrance, oddly nervous about seeing her again, hoping that her coming for a visit will be as good as it was in London. He's in one of the standard suites, and other than the four poster bed, it's entirely discreet, all the crops and cuffs placed in hidden drawers. But he's wanked several times to the thought of Rachel tied up on that bed, he has a list of about seventeen different positions that he'd like to try with her. When she finally arrives, he realises that his memory of her is not nearly as sexy as the reality.

"Hello there," Rachel says, delighted that Billy's meeting her in the foyer and with the welcome kiss he gives her. She breathes in his scent, memories flooding back. A porter follows with her bag, and so she spreads her empty hands. "I'm at your disposal for the weekend - how do you want me?"

Bound and kneeling is Billy's first reaction, but no, even if she'd do it. Waiting makes it sweeter. He smiles and says, his voice husky with the possibilities, "I want you every way, all ways..." Then, slipping an arm behind her, he captures one of her hands, turns it so her palm is up, and kisses her wrist, just a slow touch of his lips and tongue. "I'm glad you're here," he says, "let's go up, I don't want to share you with anyone right now."

The kiss makes Rachel shiver. "Feeling greedy?" she murmurs with a smile, and lets Billy lead her by the wrist over to the lifts. The porter is behind them carrying her bag silently, and follows them into the lift when it dings open. Billy waves him away, taking Rachel's bag. "What've you got in mind?" she asks, moving close to Billy when the doors close behind them.

Billy answers, "Greedy, that's a good way to put it, yeah." Because he is, there's so much he'd like to do to her, so much he'd like to see and feel and taste... "We should go out a bit, see the sights and all. But when we're in here, I'm going to strip you and play with you. You're going to be naked the whole time we're here." He kisses her wrist again, and says, "And cuffed."

Rachel bites her lip and blushes, more from excitement than anything else. "Whatever you say," she whispers. "I'm yours." The lift pings and the doors open. "Is this our floor?"

She's trembling, Billy can feel it, but she doesn't seem upset. He guides her out the door and down the hall, then into the room, dropping her bag and closing the door. "Mine, I like that," he says, turning to her and pulling her close again for a lovely long kiss. Her mouth is so sweet, so giving, that all he wants to do is ravish it. His hand on the back of her head traps her as he explores every inch, pushing past any resistance. She must know how that she's arousing him, his todger pushes hard against her thigh. She's trembling still, but her mouth, her hands, her whole body is welcoming him, moulding to him.

Rachel returns the kiss eagerly, whimpering into Billy's mouth. She's falling hard for this amazing, funny, sexy man who's just the right amount of kinky to be fun. Pausing a moment to break off the kiss, Rachel pulls her top over her head and undoes her bra, freeing her breasts and feeling herself become wet and her nipples harden at Billy's hungry expression. "Want you so much," she murmurs. "Want to do your bidding."

Billy can't keep back his sharp hiss of surprise and delight. He's been more used to timid girls who have to be coaxed, or those who think they want to be ordered about but then try to top from the bottom. Rachel's wanton submission is delicious, something to be savoured, the which Billy intends to do for as long as she'll let him. He trails his mouth down lick at the little hollows at the base of her neck, teasingly slowly making his way to her tits. "Gorgeous," he murmurs, "sexy woman." One arm round her waist and the other pulling her head to make her bend backwards, he nibbles round her breasts, just breathing on her nipples, until she's writhing in his arms. "Ask nicely," he says, smiling, "and you may get what you want." Without meaning to, he finds himself humming, "... get what you need."

The position makes Rachel's neck and back start to hurt pretty quickly, but the attention he's giving her more than makes up for it. "Please, just want to serve you," she moans breathily. "Please, Sir, I'll do whatever you say."

That's unexpected, and rather interesting. Billy smirks a bit at the many possibilities that brings to mind. He swings her round to lean against a wall, and leans back to look at her. Half-dressed, mouth open, eyes dark with lust; she's one of the sexiest girls he's ever seen. "Offer me your tits," he says firmly, "use your hands, touch your tits, but not on your nipples."

Rachel does as she's told, cupping her breasts and holding them out for Billy. "Please," she whispers. "Please touch me."

"Good girl," he says, putting a hand over hers, squeezing her right tit firmly, "and from now on, unless I order otherwise, you're not to touch your nipples. They're mine." His fingers move to her nipple, touching it softly at first and then harder, tweaking it until she whimpers.

"Oh god," Rachel breathes. This is perfect, exactly the right amount of domination in exactly the right way. Every touch of Billy's fingers is going straight to her clit, making her writhe.

She's so hot and so willing, makes Billy want to do everything to her, push her till she almost breaks. His mouth can't resist her other nipple on her sweet little breast, sucking much harder this time, feeling her tense and move between his body and the wall. He wonders if she could come just from her nipples: he's known one woman who could. Not that he'd stop once she came, but oh it could be fun.

Rachel whimpers loudly and positively squirms. "So good, so fucking good!" she gasps, one palm pressing and sliding against the wall. "Oh sir, please, touchmefuckme, oh god I need you to touch me, please!"

"Hmm," Billy gives her nipple one last lick and looks at her, saying "a little pushy, are you? And where do you need to be touched?" Begging is lovely, but explicit begging is much better. He plans to tease her and satisfy her and then tease her again, no need to keep her desperate quite yet.

"Oh please, touch my clit, ohfuckplease, please!," Rachel begs. Now he's no longer sucking on her nipple, she starts rubbing herself against him, trying to get some stimulation, but with her skirt and his jeans in the way it's highly unsatisfactory.

Billy moans with pleasure at this uninhibited handful of a woman. He straightens up and captures her hand, then lifts it over her head as he presses her against the wall. "When I'm ready," he growls, and kisses her, pushing into her mouth firmly. But his hand is sliding up under her skirt at the same time, fondling her smooth taut skin and relishing the way she moans and spreads for him.

As Billy pushes her skirt up her thigh, Rachel moans into his kiss and arches into his touch, tugging against the grip he's got on her hand over her head. Her free hand cups the back of his head, weaving in his hair as she writhes in his grip. This is fucking amazing, far better than her (many) recent fantasisies about him.

"Lovely, yeah," Billy breathes into her mouth. She's nothing on but a little thong, barely noticeable as his hand roves across her bare skin and cups the gorgeous curve of her arse. He pushes his thigh between hers and encourages her leg to lift and wrap round him, squeezes her arse and then moves back up to her tit. He'll see how she does just rubbing against his leg.

Without his hand supporting her thigh, her leg slides down his until it's hooked around his calf. Rachel whimpers as Billy's hand plays with her breast, grinding herself against his thigh, her hip pressing against the hard ridge at his crotch. "Oh fuck, please," she gasps.

Billy gives one last tweak to her nipple and then moves his hand down slowly, teasingly, to the hem of her skirt. He catches her little cries in his mouth as his hand slides up and then across her cunt, pressing but not yet rubbing. Her whole body shivers with it in the most gorgeous way.

Rachel's arm is beginning to ache with being pinned above her head, but she hardly notices it in her desperation for Billy to touch her. "Please, oh god, please," she begs. "Need you to touch me, please, please!"

It's too early in the relationship, Billy decides a bit regretfully, to keep her in this state for long. He pushes her knickers down a bit and runs his finger onto her clit, rubbing gently, watching her face as she reacts.

"Oh!" Rachel almost shrieks as she finally gets what she wants. His clever fingers stroke her clit, occasionally sliding between her inner labia and then over her clit again. She can feel the sweat all over her body, they're both breathing hard, mouths close to ears, and Rachel rocks, rocks her hips, letting her eyes flutter closed and her mouth drop open.

"So beautiful like this," Billy murmurs, and then, wickedly, "maybe I'll keep you like this all day: on the edge, not quite coming. Orgasm control -- ever done that?"

Rachel can barely speak, but what he's suggesting sounds like pure torture. "No, Sir... Oh please, please, let me come!"

Billy's not actually stopped touching her, while he's had the fun of teasing her. She's quivering all over and her face is so desperate, he wants to bloody eat her up. "Go on then," he invites her, "come for me."

Free of the fear that he might stop doing what he's doing, Rachel relaxes and comes almost immediately, with a sharp, gasping cry, the back of her head thudding against the wall.

"Bloody gorgeous," he says with true appreciation, watching the pleasure wash over her. He can't decide which he wants first, her mouth or her cunt, but he's enjoying making the decision. A 'win-win' situation, as the Americans say.

Gradually, Rachel comes back to earth to find she's looking right into Billy's green eyes. Such amazing eyes. "Thank you," she manages eventually.

Her soft words take him right out of scene, and Billy finds himself flushing a bit. She's not just any pretty sub he can push around, she's a lovely woman he'd like to know better. "You're welcome, Rachel," he says, almost formally.

"How can I serve you?" she asks, dying to touch him but a bit afraid to without permission. "I just want to please you."

"You do, lovely girl, you please me very much," Billy murmurs, pressing close against her, leaning in for a kiss, cupping her breast and squeezing a bit. "Let's have you on the bed." With that, he turns her round and, holding her close with his hand in the small of her back, walks her to the bed and pushes her onto it, admiring her debauched look, with her top off and her skirt rucked up, showing her thighs.

"What would you like me to do?" Rachel asks, smiling and stretching, basking in Billy's admiring gaze and letting her eyes flick to the bulge at his crotch.

"Take your knickers off," Billy says as he reaches for a condom, "and then use your mouth on me." He strips his jeans and pants, and kneels on the bed, todger rampant, hard as it's been since they walked in.

Rachel's eyes widen as Billy takes off his clothes, his cock jutting towards her eagerly as he kneels on the bed. She twists herself around so she can reach him with her mouth, leaning over his lap, her breasts brushing his thighs. Starting with a long lick up the underside of his shaft, making him hum in response, she wraps her hand around his cock and takes the head in her mouth, sucking hard.

Billy sighs happily, enjoying her eager and talented mouth. Lovely combination, that. He strokes her hair as she sets to, and reaches down to play with her nipple, tweaking it and pulling it as she takes him in further. "God, you're good at this," he moans, "I expect to wake up to this every morning we're here, be my alarm-clock, lovely girl."

"Your wish is my command," Rachel says, delighted that he's enjoying her ministrations so much. She takes him in as deep as she can, cupping his balls and gently rolling them in her hand, humming with pleasure.

She really is amazingly good with her mouth and hands, and Billy's pleased he hasn't tied her hands yet. Though it will make a pretty sight, and just the idea of her helpless and vulnerable is bloody hot. "Gonna fuck your mouth," he says as he rocks his hips forward, pressing his todger into her mouth and holding her head, so she must simply take him farther in.

Rachel relaxes her throat as much as she can, spurred on by his deep groans of pleasure, the commanding tone in his voice. It's been a while since someone she fancied so much personally as well as physically has been such a good Dom, made her want to submit herself completely to his bidding. It feels brilliant.

It's all so good: looking down to watch her suck him, feeling the heat and pressure of her mouth, her hands on him, her breath shuddering through her when he pulls back a bit... Billy could do this all day, keep her mouth on him, punish her if she stopped or complained, and he suspects she'd submit beautifully. Maybe later, because this is too good to last: he can't hold off. He thrusts into her mouth faster and deeper, barely remembering to let her breathe, and comes deep in her throat with a yell.

He grunts and thrusts for a little bit longer, but eventually Billy's hold on her head relaxes and so Rachel can let him slip out of her mouth. She kisses his softening cock and ignores her aching throat, kissing his thighs and belly and undoing his shirt to kiss his still-heaving chest.

Billy'd been so intent that he didn't realise his shirt was on, until Rachel reaches for the first button. It's rare anyone does that to him these days, and he rather likes it. He looks down fondly and drops a kiss on her dark hair, "You're fantastic, bloody amazing with your mouth." He leans down and kisses her thoroughly, stroking her body and enjoying her responses. Eventually, he murmurs, "We need more mirrors in here so I can watch you better. Do you like to show off?"

Rachel smiles, sitting up straight but unable to stop touching him, running her hands over his chest and thighs. "I thought that would have been obvious by now," she says with a grin. "I love to be looked at - and I love to look, too."

"And if," he murmurs wickedly, "you had to thank the porter who brought the mirror, thank him with your mouth? Because I'd like to watch that." He'll not be up for another round for a while, but he's too greedy to simply lie about.

It hurts to swallow, and Rachel balks inwardly at the thought of another man thrusting down her throat. She'll be an obedient sub if necessary, and steels herself to respond. "I don't want to let you down," she says quietly, "but I'm not sure I can manage another session like that with my mouth right away. But obviously, if it's what you want..." her eyes drop to her lap and she bites her lip, worried he'll throw her out in disgust at her lack of obedience.

"Lovely girl," Billy says, gently, "thank you for telling me, I didn't realise, I'm sorry..." He should have, rather than put Rachel on the spot. Bloody pathetic as a dom to miss that. He kisses her throat tenderly, and says, with a fierceness that surprises him, "Don't ever think I'd harm you, Rachel, I'll never do anything you truly don't want, just for my pleasure."

"Thank you," Rachel says gratefully. "I'm more than happy to show off in any other way that pleases you," she adds, smiling hopefully at Billy.

With a smirk and a reassuring heat, Billy answers, "You shall, my lovely girl, you'll show me everything." Running his hand along her body, playing with her breast and tweaking a nipple, he asks, "Why are you stilll dressed?"
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Lottie Lenyadalehead on December 30th, 2006 11:00 pm (UTC)
*totters to keyboard*


*fans self*

So hot *weakly* So very, very hot!


Not a Ninjaunstealthy on December 30th, 2006 11:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you, sweetie! *smooches*
CathyP: You moved like honeycathgon54 on April 29th, 2007 01:40 pm (UTC)
Oh God! Where has this story been all my life! I'm nearly reduced to helpless keyboard mashing, so please forgive my incoherencies.

I love seeing Billy and Rachel depicted this way. I can't remember the last time, if ever, I've seen a Dom!Billy representation in a het story. It's surely been worth the wait. I could go on and on reciting back my favorite bit, but then I'd just be recopying the whole story. Suffice to say, that any mention of "mouth-fucking" has me hooked.

I do hope you continue writing more stories in this vein. You can be sure I will devour each and every one eagerly!

Not a Ninja: billy by crazybutgraphicunstealthy on April 29th, 2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yay! Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's one other in this series posted, and we're working on more!

Thanks so much for commenting.
Lotripper: billy mtv lovelymsilverstar on April 29th, 2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
There's so little het, sigh. But I'm thrilled you liked this one, and assure you there will be more :-)